Our Clients

Audio Vérité has had the pleasure of working with local, national, and international recording artists as well as a long list of production based clients. Below are just a few examples of who we’ve worked with.



Featured Clients & Credits

Carbon Leaf

Carbon Leaf

Vanguard Records

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Lost Records

Ann Beretta

Ann Beretta

Say 10 Records

Blacklist Royals

Blacklist Royals

Krian Music Group, Paper + Plastick

More Clients

Lady Empire

The Riot Before

Midnight Affiliate

President Sam


Road Kill Roy

Used Car Salesmen

Rob Huddleston (of Ann Beretta)

Say 10 Records

The Dead Fame

The Blue & The Grey

Searching For Timothy

Paulo Franco

Brett Adams (of the Riot Before)

Solace Sovay


Zombie XXX

Rotary Tiger


Science Museum of VA

Special Olympics of VA

Plato's Closet